Room Types

Thank you for your interest in our hostel bedrooms. Please choose a categorie.

Hostel Categorie 1

Singelbeds/Doublebeds, Shower/toilet, Television


singleroomfrom EUR 51,00/person
doubleroomfrom EUR 46,00/person
Multiple beds (from 3 guests)from EUR 44,30/person

Hostel Categorie 2

Singlebeds/bunkbeds, shower/toilet


Singleroomfrom EUR 46,00/person
Doubleroomfrom EUR 43,50/person
Multiple beds (from 3 guests)from EUR 42,60/person


  • the prices are per person and per night, including breakfast
  • the price for extra meals (lunches/dinner) depend on the offers of the day. Please note the public menus in house, as well as the notifications on our website.
  • published: 06.05.2020


Mit Voranmeldung

LunchpaketEUR 6,50
Lunchpaket/Kinder 3 - 5EUR 3,50
MittagessenEUR 9,50
Abendbrot kalt     EUR 7,50
Abendbrot kalt/Kinder 3 - 5EUR 4,50
Abendessen warmEUR 9,50
Abendessen warm/Kinder 3 -5EUR 6,50
  • Die Preise verstehen sich pro Person/Tag.

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